100% Natural Hemp Cream for Pain Relief

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Product Specifications

  • Brand Name:Hempway


  • INSTANTLY SOOTHE & COOL SORE MUSCLES: Arthritis, MS or surgery, all pain has you reaching for a solution. Our potent 16,000 mg cream seeps deep into the tissue, providing long lasting relief & satisfaction.
  • DON'T CONTAMINATE YOUR BODY, USE WHAT'S NATURAL: Our solution only boasts ingredi-ents provided by mother nature herself to make you happy & healthy. The second you touch the soft & lightly scented cream, you can tell you've invested in quality.
  • MAKE THE BURDEN OF CHRONIC PAIN EASIER TO BEAR: Whether you have temporary excruciating pain or something that's with you for life, our cream gives you the breathing space you need to power through the day.
  • GET THE BEST SLEEP YOU’VE HAD IN YEARS: Tired of waking up to seething pain that keeps you from getting important rest? With our healing formula, you won’t have to give in to the discomfort, letting you sleep sound like a baby.
  • CUT THROUGH THE SNAKE OIL WITH HEMPWAY: We get it, when you're buying relief options there's a lot of snake oil out there. Our doctor-formulated cream is made with 100% natural ingredients, in GMP facilities, bringing you top-shelf quality.
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